Cameron PAC

What is a PAC?

PAC stands for Parent Advisory Council. As an organization, we:

  • pacprovide ways for parents to get involved
  • promote understanding and communication between the parent community and the school with respect to education
  • provide a way to identify community values and to use those values to develop policies and plan activities
  • support the school community through social events and fundraising for supplies and equipment

PAC Meeting Minutes Sept 2015

PAC Meeting Minutes October 2015

PAC Minutes – Nov 2015

PAC Meeting Minutes January 2016

PAC Meeting Minutes February 2016

PAC Meeting Minutes March 2016

PAC Meeting Minutes April 2016

PAC Meeting Minutes May 2016

The Cameron Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is involved in many ways at Cameron School. One of the roles it assumes is fundraising to help with school improvement. The staff and students at Cameron wish to express their sincere gratitude as PAC fundraising helps to purchase a variety of items, activities and learning opportunities for our students. Our Parents also organize a variety of events to help build community.

Who is the PAC?

Every parent is a member of the school PAC. The PAC Executive are parents who have volunteered to hold an official position in the PAC.  (click on link for names and contacts – )

When does the PAC meet?

The PAC Executive meets monthly. Every parent is welcome to attend – you can come once or all year! Please check the PAC Calendar for upcoming meeting information.

Attending a PAC meeting is a great way to stay informed, provide input into fundraising initiatives and allocation, get to know the Principal and Head Teacher, raise issues or concerns, and meet other parents.

If you are unable to attend, you can stay up-to-date by reviewing the monthly PAC Minutes.

How can I get involved?

You can participate in many ways; by attending any of the monthly PAC meetings, joining the PAC Executive, volunteering at PAC events throughout the year, or attending Parent Information Sessions. We value all parents’ contributions, and we understand your time is precious!

Please consider coming to one of the meetings held throughout the year or volunteering to help with the many ways our parents support our students and the community.

For more information go to the PAC website at:

If you are interested in volunteering, please visit our Volunteer page for more information or email We would love to hear from you!