School News

Cameron Youth Credit Union Program

Vancity’s Youth Credit Union (YCU) program sets up mini-financial institutions in local schools to help young people learn about money management, and improve their math skills.

Cameron’s Youth Credit Union operates every Tuesday starting at 12:05 pm in the Intermediate Hallway.

How it Works!

Once a week, over the lunch hour, elementary school hallways are transformed into your credit unions. Students set up teller wickets and students line up to deposit their allowances. The program is run by Grade 6 & 7 students under the guidance of their Sponsor Teacher & a Vancity Representative.

  • Students Learn:
    • how to save, and the importance of saving.
    • how to earn interest.
    • the concept of responsible spending.
    • the use of credit and how important good credit is.
    • charitable giving.
  • Students develop important life skills by learning professional behaviours and attitudes while practicing their math skills and gaining confidence and self-esteem.
  • Any student who opens a new account at Cameron School will receive $10.00 as an incentive to start their savings in addition the school receives a grant to help with purchasing much needed equipment in the school.